Product KV

VARITEC offer them a new product called KV, released and patented by our company, which is exclusive distributor.

KV is a rod kit consisting of the Union of the parts needed for the mounting of removable, continuous ceilings, lamas and facilities of air conditioning, electricity, plumbing, etc. In addition, all mounted to the extent that you need (e.g.: taco brass + rod + fork levelling).

Some of the advantages of the use of this product as well as competitive features are:

  • Savings of time, anyone who now used in the manipulation of the rod in his job.
  • Simplify considerably the work of the specialist in assemblies, thus increasing performance, and therefore production.
  • Savings economic, given that the cost of our product will be spending less of that now supports in terms of wages and social insurance as a result of the completion of the task of mounting rods.
  • Savings important in materials. Varitec provided the rod to measure, so that it will avoid waste and loss of small material in the work, with the negative impact that this entails at cost for you.

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